About Purple Star Veterans and Families



Strengthing the Homecoming Safety Net



Immediate and extended family members of Veterans are not well connected to other families within their communities and not organized on a national level. For most, they are underinformed and for the most part unaware of how to prepare for Homecoming


How Large is this Community?

24 Million living Veterans in the United States alone

Multiplied by their Immediate and Extended Family Members, Friends and Co-workers

Total over 100Million Americans who are directly and indirectly impacted by Homecoming




Donations to PSVF are used to purchase Purple Star flags for families of Fallen Veterans and for the launch and successful completion of the PSVF National Petition to The Office of The President, Congress and the U.S. Military

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Purple Star Welcome and Introduction Video

Medal of Honor Recipients Share Their Homecoming Experiences and Offer Their Wisdom and Suggestions to Todays Veterans



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Veterans and Families Foundation C/O Purple Star

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If you have questions please contact John Henry Parker 916-320-4395

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Purple Star Veterans and Families is a project of The Veterans and Families Foundation,

a 501 (c)(3) non-profit community service organization.