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Purple Star Veterans and Families exists

To unify the voice of Veterans, their immediate and extended family members and as important, the friends, advocates and organizations who support our Veterans.

We are moving toward our goal of creating needed support and change

Together we are strengthening the Homecoming Safety Net



Veterans, Peacekeepers, Civilian Contractors and their family members are among our most productive and contributing citizens within every community worldwide.

Regardless of nationality


Homecoming is a challenge for every military family of every nation.

If you are reading this, you are likely a Veteran yourself, know a Veteran or are related to one.      

If you have never served, this is your opportunity to do so now. 



Prevent Veteran Suicide by addressing the hidden wounds of war before they leave the military


A National Petition

To The Office of The President, Congress and the U.S. Military


Every 65 minutes

A Veteran Dies from Suicide

22 Per Day = 669 Per Month = 8,030 Per Year

More Veterans Die From Suicide Each Year Than All US Military Killed In Action Since 911 Combined


This number is unacceptable and preventable


What is contributing to this suicide epidemic?


Far too many Veterans are suffering from the hidden traumatic wounds of war

Veterans who need help the most are reluctant or incapable of asking for it.


Fear of being stigmatized

Fear of having documentation in their medical records for seeking help

Seeking counseling infers they are broken and need to be “fixed”


Compounding the problem:

Once service members leave the military and become Veterans, all mental health services are voluntary, which means the onus is on the Veteran to ask for help


“At Risk” Veterans with hidden emotional wounds are falling between the cracks and spiraling out of control at an alarming rate

Two clear solutions:

1. Help Veterans with hidden wounds before and after they leave the military.

The military must begin the creation of comprehensive psychological and emotional decompression training for all service members before and after separation from service with additional attention to combat and combat related job specialties

2. Help families prepare for homecoming before Veterans come home

The military must create nationally standardized and readily available homecoming preparedness resources for families
 provides the opportunity for this message to be heard and acted upon by our government


How to Participate

1. Go to to sign the petition

2. Join the Social Media Campaign on Facebook and become a friend and follower of the national petition drive


Please, lend your voice and lets get homecoming right this time!

One last thing

If you can afford to donate even $10, $50 or $100 or more 

We need donations to purchase Purple Star flags to send to the families of fallen Veterans and to pay for the ongoing resources to successfully accomplish the objectives of this national petition. 

Please give what you can, Thank you.







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