"Free" Homecoming Preparedness Guide

Available in both English and Spanish Versions
Homecoming for Veterans and their entire families can be both an exciting and stressful experience for all involved. Hopefully, the following tips and insights will answer some of the most common concerns you may be experiencing in order to insure a happy and healthy homecoming for you, your returning Veterans and your family.
The information provided in this guide is continually updated to reflect the real life experiences and wisdom learned from families across the country and from around the world. We believe that what is needed for our homecoming Veterans and for their immediate and extended families is a safety net in addition to and outside of the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. This safety net of families and communities is needed to insure that our returning Veterans don't fall between the cracks of our society, as have so many Veterans of previous wars.
We would like to keep you informed of new versions of our preparedness guide and with important information that may impact our returning Veterans and their families. To help Veterans and Families build a national voice for our needs and concerns, we ask that you participate in a very brief survey and to allow us to email you from time to time on our progress.
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This is a helpful homecoming preparedness video for both Veterans and their spouses.




The Spanish Version Of The Homecoming Preparedness Guide was translated and sponsored By BPcubed, Inc.

A special thanks to Bobby Pena and Phil Perry for making this possible!

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