In The United States

The Trials of Homecoming

Are Taking More Veterans Lives from

Suicide, Danger Seeking Behavior, Accidents, Drugs and Alcohol

in a single year

than all U.S. military killed in action since 9-11



Veteran Suicides Per Year: 6,570 = 18 per day = 1 every 80 minutes

Total OIF/OEF killed in action since 911 as of 4-2-2012:  6,320

Source for Suicide Statistic: Army Times

Source for KIA Statistics: Dod Personnel Statistics

Ongoing Motorcyle Fatalities Statistic Gathering is Underway


Hope Is No Longer A Viable Strategy

We Need to Strengthen Our Homecoming Safety Net to Insure a Successful Transition

from Military to Civilian Life.


Life Was Supposed To Get Better After Homecoming, Not Worse.



If a viable solution existed, the suicide statistics, motorcycle fatalities, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, incarceration and homeless statistics for Veterans

would not be at an all time high...

with no end in sight.




When a military person is deployed to war their mothers and families are recognized and honored by a congressionally charterd organization, Blue Star Mothers of America. In the unfortunate event that a son or daughter is killed while in military service, the mother and families are recognized and honored by another Congressionally Chartered organization, American Gold Star Mothers. However, when an active duty, reservist or homecoming Veteran dies from suicide, motorcycle accident, drugs or alcohol, the families who experience great loss are not recognized or honored by our country. These fallen Veterans served honorably but did not survive military service and or homecoming.  

Purple Star Veterans and Families represents a rallying point at a critical time of need reminiscent of the founding circumstances of the long-standing Blue Star Mothers of America established in 1942 and the American Gold Star Mothers established in 1917.  Both patriotic entities are non-profit, civilian sector, community support organizations chartered by the United States Congress. Both organizations were founded during WWI and WWII to provide support for the mothers and families of those serving and fallen while in military service. What is being proposed is Purple Star Veterans and Families, an organization that provides on-line prevention, early intervention and bereavement services to Veterans and their families after military service is completed, during their mandatory “Inactive Ready Reserve” period and through the reintegration challenges of homecoming.

*The American Legion. VFW and other national Veterans organizations have many programs for today’s Veterans but are separate membership organizations. There are no Congressionally Chartered "Star" organizations simliar to Blu and Gold Star that are focused on the immediate and extended families of homecoming Veterans as well as the families and communities of fallen Veterans from suicide, accidents and drugs and alcohol.


Prevention and Early Intervention Life Saving Resources


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Losing the Battle

The Challenge of Military Suicide 

October 2011

Policy Brief

Suicide among service members and veterans challenges the health of America’s all volunteer force.

While any loss of military personnel weakens the U.S. armed forces, the rapid upswing in suicides among service members and veterans during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan threatens to inflict more lasting harm.

If military service becomes associated with suicide, will it be possible to recruit bright and promising young men
and women at current rates?

Will parents and teachers encourage young people to join the military when veterans from their own communities have died from suicide?

Can the all-volunteer force be viable if veterans come to be seen as broken individuals? And how might climbing rates of suicide affect how Americans view active-duty service members and veterans – and indeed, how service members and veterans see themselves?

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1-800-273-TALK, Veterans Press 1






Gary Sinise

VA Suicide Prevention Video


Gary Sinise

Marine Corps Suicide Prevention Video











Nationwide Network of Support Centers