Key Veterans Organizations

Purple Star parents and grandparents are committed to supporting Veterans membership organizations



The biggest barrier to care for Veterans is their reluctance to ask for help.

As spouses, parents, grandparents and extended family members.

We are learning to understand this.

When a Veteran does ask for help, it is clear they will typically prefer to speak with fellow Veterans.

Again, we are getting it.

Purple Star Veterans and Families believes that every Veteran should belong to at least one if not several national Veterans organizations such as those listed on this page. These long standing organizations stand ready to receive requests for assistance and Purple Star Veterans and Families will demonstrate our support to them by proactively passing along membership applications to our Veteran family members.

To further demonstrate our commitment of support; within our network of immediate and extended family members of Veterans, most parents and grandparents are comfortable having the annual membership renewals sent to their homes for payment to insure their Veteran family members keep current. We find this willingness to financially support memberships to be very positive and consistent within the military parent and grandparent community. 

We encourage families to find offices and posts close to them and to get to know their post commanders and service officers in preparation for their homecoming Veteran family members.

We find very often that many family members do not understand the significant advocacy and support that is available to their Veteran family members through these organizations. Most are also not aware that due to the passing of our senior citizen Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam, that membership numbers in these organizations are beginning to fall. All organizations are actively working with our current Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans who are joining these groups ensuring that the legacy as well as advocacy continues.  Many post locations have full meeting and banquet facilities that will be very convenient for ongoing community support meetings and events. 



The American Legion

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Join the Legion: Click Here



 Veterans of Foreign Wars

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Join the VFW: Click Here

National Service Offices: Click Here

Join the DAV: Click Here                     


National Service Officers: Click Here

 Join the AMVETS: Click Here

Join the IAVA: Click Here

Join the VVA: Click Here



 The Royal British Legion

Location Directory: Click Here

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The Royal Canadian Legion

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