Welcome to Purple Star Veterans

Welcome to Purple Star Veterans

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new Purple Star Veterans site…


Here, you will find personal development tools designed to help you along the path of transition, whether you are facing a return from a combat deployment or the conclusion of your military career and return to civilian life. These include the Transition Map and Action Plan that can assist you in discovering where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there.

Currently, our Veteran Lifeline area is set up to allow you to create connections to those you trust the most as you embark upon your journey so that you can share information with your support network in safety and privacy. Veteran Lifelines encompass a great method to negotiate the ways in which you’d like to be helped, to keep those you care about and who care about you in the loop, and to be a place of support whenever you need it.

Additionally, we are hard at work at implementing several new program areas that will be available in the future; to include dedicated Peer Advisors to assist you with our tools and in finding meaningful resources, plus a robust private online community.

Also in development is our Purple Star Families site, which will host content such as resources to include those relevant to grief and loss, tools, and a blog section.

Finally, in the future we will have the capacity to offer stipends for personal development and wellness trainings as well as access to mental health consulting for those in need.

Thank you for visiting our site, it is an honor to serve you.


Tess Banko PhotoTess Banko
Executive Director
Purple Star Veterans and Families






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