We Empower Mentors

PSVF provides training, tools and resources to a growing number of mentor organizations to help them develop highly effective mentors.

PSVF Peer Mentorship & Training

Purple Star helps Veterans navigate the trials of homecoming and transition by helping them solve their current challenges and by connecting them to effective peer mentors and peer mentoring organizations.


Mentor Training & Development
PSVF provides training and ongoing resources to help the mentors of other organizations become more effective mentors. We offer the training, tools and resources to plug into existing mentoring programs offered by a growing number of nonprofit Veteran services organizations.

Only Veterans truly relate to other Veterans. With 22 Veterans per day dying from suicide, a scalable solution needs to be put into place quickly. Prevention and early intervention through peer-to-peer mentoring, Purple Star believes, is the fastest way to get ahead of problem.

Purple Star is here to direct and refer Veterans and families in need to the appropriate resource. It makes no sense for Purple Star to create yet another mentoring program when so many good programs and organization already exist. It make more practical sense for Purple Star to partner, unite and refer to them whenever possible.

Purple Star, through a small network of Peer Advisors will qualify the needs and interests of each Veteran to provide a personal introduction to the right Peer Mentoring organization.

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