Peer Advisors

PSVF Peer Advisors assist Service Members and Veterans in clarifying strengths and interests via the Communication Survey and Transition Map and Action Plan

PSVF Peer Advisors

Veterans relate to other Veterans.


Purple Star helps active duty Service Members and Veterans navigate the trials of transition and homecoming by helping solve current challenges and offering connection to effective long-term peer mentors and peer mentoring organizations.


What is a Peer Advisor?

Purple Star Peer Advisors act as immediate advocates and front-line referral support (a form of triage) to assist each Veteran or Family Member in the use of PSVF’s tools, identifying necessary resources and further opportunities for assistance, and by connecting them to long-term mentors and mentoring organizations.

PSVF Peer Advisors are former military service men and women who act as a Purple Star Veterans and Families advocate for fellow Veterans and their family members. Our Peer Advisors are the first line of contact to identify the needs of each Veteran and family member, and serve a critical role of helping connect them with tools, services and resources to help solve their presenting problems and the ongoing challenges experienced during transition from military service.


What do Peer Advisors do?

Peer Advisors are trained in the use of PSVF’s proprietary tools, to include the Transition Map and Action Plan as well as the PDP Communication Survey. These tools assist Veterans in charting a new path toward future success and in clarifying their personal mission, meaning and purpose. Additionally, Peer Advisors provide assistance in locating meaningful and relevant resources for Veterans. These include:

  • VetCenters
  • How to file a VA claim or an Appeal
  • Resume writing
  • Career

Typical scenarios peer advisors may provide referrals and personal introductions to resources in the following areas:

  • VA claims and appeals
  • Job search
  • Outcome-based education
  • Counseling
  • Grief and loss
  • Personal crisis intervention
  • Family crisis: (divorce, separation, etc.)
  • Personal and professional development
  • Financial planning and assistance
  • Support for friends and fellow Veterans in need

National Network of Veteran Mentor Organizations

PSVF is presently creating a national network of Veteran Mentoring organizations as well as VA mentoring resources and ongoing research, articles and success stories of Peer Advisors and clients.

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Our Peer Advisors

William Rodriguez

William Rodriguez

MSW, LCSW, Peer Advisor

Former U.S. Army Scout RECON, Three Tour OIF, OEF Combat Veteran
My lifelong experience growing up in an active-duty military family, and then serving on active duty as noncommissioned officer with a young family of my own, gives me a unique perspective on the needs of military families. These needs and struggles are compounded with the introduction of rapid deployment cycles. My role as a program evaluator and researcher plays a vital role in further qualifying the thought leaders and healing modalities Purple Star Veterans and Families endorses and supports.

James P. Corbin

James P. Corbin

Veteran Peer Advisor

I transitioned off of active duty a couple of years ago so that I could reinvest time to my young family, to pursue professional civilian interests, and to put some roots down. Most people called me crazy for getting off of active duty as a Major with almost 11 years in. I knew the change would be difficult, probably a pay cut, and a big risk. But, now almost 3 years later, I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back or regretted the decision one day since I made it. It has been hard, have no doubt, but the rewards have been great. I had a lot of help though. I found great mentors who encouraged me when things were scary. I trusted my gut, and I used the transition map and communication survey to strengthen my marriage, to improve my own self-awareness, and to build a cohesive team in my civilian job. I have a heart for those who serve and have worked with countless transitioning veterans since I have been out. The peer mentor model really works because very few understand the unique challenges that serving and transitioning present to a veteran. Successful combat operations start with reconnaissance and intelligence. The same can be said about the veteran transition. Peer mentors are scouts who want nothing more than to provide you with the intelligence necessary to make sound decisions.  Don’t go alone!

Dennis Tackett

Dennis Tackett

Veteran Peer Advisor

Former Military Police/Military Working Dog Handler.  OEF Combat Veteran, 2 time OIF Combat Veteran.
I was on active duty for almost 9 years, and had three (year long) deployments.  I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2006 and deployed two more times after that diagnosis.  I was suffering from the worst of the symptoms in 2011 when I was charged with a felony and tried to commit suicide a few months after.  The journey that followed has been a difficult one, but to have come from the level of absolute despair to where I am now in life is worth the work.  I am here to help other families avoid going through the same obstacles that mine has experienced.

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