The Veterans Transition Map & Action Plan

Plot Your Current Position and Where You Want to Be in the Six Most Important Areas of Your Life


What you will learn:

  1. The five needs that must be met to live a fulfilling life
  2. Locating where you are and where you are heading on the map
  3. The five phases of homecoming and transition
  4. Advanced Intel: Navigating the predictable stages of transition
  5. Reducing negative and intrusive thoughts
  6. How to organize your goals and objectives

Comments from Veterans

“As a three time Iraqi freedom veteran, my transition from military to civilian life was a very difficult process. The transition map and the self-assessment helped me to identify where I was in the transition process and provided me direction on the steps I could take to help me regain control of my life. I encourage any veteran that is in the process of transition to use this resource to help them, the way it has helped me.”

In gratitude


Iraq Army Combat Veteran

“I have been fortunate to be able to participate in the communication survey, and as a result have garnered a tremendous amount of insight into how I lead, what my values truly are, and how I interact with others.It has been a truly valuable experience because it has provided a perspective about myself that I had previously not experienced, and it helped explain why my transition from active duty to the corporate sector has been surprisingly challenging.  The debrief was thorough and proved to be much more impactful than I had imagined  I enthusiastically recommend the program and encourage others to participate!”


Lt. Colonel, Iraq Marine Combat Veteran


Note from the author:

Permission for PSVF to make available the The Transition Map and Action Plan has been granted by the author as a Free download to Veterans and family members to ease their transition from military service. This document shall not be commercialized, distributed, taught or trained by coaches, consultants, companies or non-profit organizations without the expressed permission from the author.

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