National Network of Veteran Mentoring & Training Organizations

Through a trusted national network of partner organizations, Purple Star helps refer veterans in need of additional and ongoing support to other nonprofits, peer mentoring organizations and VA services.

Building a National Network


Purple Star helps Veterans navigate the trials of homecoming and transition by helping them solve their current challenges and by connecting them to effective mentors and mentoring organizations.


Veterans relate to other Veterans.


Purple Star is here to direct and refer Veterans and families in need to the appropriate resource. We work in partnership with and in support of a network of trusted, established mentoring programs and organizations. Our Peer Advisors work with each veteran to qualify their specific needs and interests, and provide a personal introduction to the right mentoring organization. Each Veteran will receive the direct support and mentorship from fellow veterans, as well as qualified business and community leaders.

Are you a Veteran mentoring organization? We’d love to hear from you and see how we can support your vision and mission.

Veteran Mentoring Organizations


The eMentor Leadership Program uses the power of the internet to efficiently and effectively help match and support mentoring relationships that result in positive outcomes for both protégé and mentor participants. eMentor is dedicated to every participant having a positive program experience that clearly and measurably moves them towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

The Veteran eMentor Program leverages the internet to create a dynamic information sharing, learning and support community that extends far beyond the veteran’s current network. We welcome protégés who served in the Armed Forces and are now seeking civilian employment or assistance with any aspect of the transition to civilian life. Protégés can receive personalized career guidance, advice, support and inspiration from more experienced veterans, career mentors and veteran-friendly employers. We also invite mentors, with or without a military experience, to join and assist protégés with their job search and other career challenges.

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